Treat Vertigo With Ease Using This Genius Exercise

Vertigo makes you feel as if you are spinning, even when you are stationary. It is a specific kind of dizziness that can have one of two causes – disturbance in the balance organs of the inner ear, or parts of the brain or sensory nerve pathways. Many people complain of suffering from the condition. But thanks to Associate Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Colorado Hospital, Carol Foster M.D, we now know of a very simple trick to treat it.

It is known as the half somersault maneuver and it has helped vertigo patients all over the world. Kneel on your knees and tip your head up to look at the ceiling. Then place it on the ground, as if preparing to perform a somersault. Turn your head to face your left elbow and pause and keep breathing until the dizziness subsides. Return the head to the center and raise it so it is in line with the back. Sit back quickly and breathe. If you have vertigo, don’t hesitate to try this effective technique!

Watch the video below!

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