Mix These Two Ingredients & Get Rid Of Flu, Phlegm, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, And Many More

Our body suffers from many health issues during winter time. The most common ones are sinusitis, cold, flu, phlegm, and rhinitis.

Sinusitis is often triggered by allergic, bacterial, fungal, or viral infection, and it can cause inflammation and swelling of the sinuses. The most frequent symptoms of sinusitis are thick nasal mucus, headaches, cough, congestion, clogged nose, fatigue, and facial pain.

We purchase over the counter drugs and antibiotics to get rid of it, but did you know that you can reduce it through natural remedies as well?

The two ingredients featured below will not only help you to cure sinusitis, but also phlegm, flu, rhinitis, among others:

What you will need:
• 1 medium-sized ginger root
• 200 ml/ 6.7 oz. Apple cider vinegar

Grate the ginger and mix it with 2 dl. apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Pour the mixture into a jar and put a tight seal on it. Store and keep it at room temperature for ten days. Don’t forget to shake the remedy from time to time to get the best effects.

To gain promising results, place your head over the jar and cover it with a towel. Then inhale the mixture’s aroma. Keep on doing this for 5 to 10 minutes. Before you go to bed, take a handkerchief, soak it in the mixture and place it on your neck overnight.
Repeat the same thing for a couple of days until you start getting positive results.

Given below is yet another ginger recipe that will help you with sinusitis:
Boil 50 grams of ginger root and remove it from heat. Then inhale with a towel over your head. The ginger spiciness will relieve the sinuses and help you with congestion problems as well.

Natural cures are usually the best if you do them properly. Don’t forget to try them out!

( Source: www.healthylifebyte.com )

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