Everyone Says Hydrogen Peroxide Is Great, But Here’s What They Don’t Tell You

uses of hydrogen peroxide

Helpful Hydrogen Peroxide Uses You Never Knew About

We’ve all probably heard that hydrogen peroxide is useful in various different ways. But, what is hydrogen peroxide? It is a chemical compound with the formula H2O2. In it’s purest form it is a colorless liquid, which is slightly more viscous than water. For all the sciene-y people out there: Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest peroxide, which means a compound with an oxygen-oxygen bond. More often than not, hydrogen peroxide is described as being water with an additional oxygen atom.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in a great deal of ways. The most common use for it is perhaps the use of it as a wound cleansing agent. But hydrogen peroxide uses aren’t just limited to that; we can use it for sanitizing surfaces, getting rid of pesky carpet stains, cleaning the ear, treating burns, treating acne, making dogs (who have ingested dark chocolate) throw up, treating yeast infections, as a mouth wash, etc. Here we shall provide you an overview on the chemical compound and its uses so you can safely enjoy all the benefits it has to provide. We promise that by the end of this article you’ll be using it for almost everything, if you don’t already.

1. The majority of tips provided in this article require a 3 percent consistency of Hydrogen peroxide. (This is the most common concentration used in bottles)
2. Hydrogen peroxide shall from herewith be abbreviated as “HP” for convenience.

3. SIDE NOTE: Since Hydrogen peroxide is sensititve to light and temperature, exposure to high temperature, or exposure of excess of light causes it to decompose back into water and oxygen molecules. So, storage should always be done in dark colored bottles.

To begin, let us take a closer look into all the wonderful things hydrogen peroxide has to offer. In other words, let us take a closer look at the benefits and uses of Hydrogen peroxide.


Beat Majority of Bodily Viruses: By now you must be familiar with the sanitizing effect of HP. Infections in the body are what cause diseases and “sanitizing” them is how you get rid of them. All you have to do in order to help get rid of those annoying body infections and viruses like the common cold, flu, etc. is place 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear. After which, you should let the solution rest inside the ear for about 10-12 minutes. Then, drain it out from the ears by slowly tilting your head to each side and letting the solution slide out.

Hydrogen Peroxide As Effective Mouthwash: While you may be uneasy about putting a chemical compound inside your mouth, it is actually pretty safe. Due to the chemical make up of HP, the germs and bacteria that plague your mouth aren’t allowed to exist. In order to achieve this, simply gargle a cup of water mixed with two capfuls of HP. The HP effectively fights off the mouth-bred germs, preventing bad breath and fighting off cavities.

Shiny White Teeth: You’ll probably be surprised to know that the toothpaste or other teeth whitening agents you use all have one compound common: Hydrogen Peroxide. HP has a great teeth whitening property due to its oxidation ability. In order to make use of this, just brush your teeth as you normally would. However, once you’re done, mix two tablespoons of water with just one teaspoon of HP. Gargle the mixture for at least 60 seconds. Spit out the mixture and rinse your mouth thoroughly. This may be done up to 3 times a week. Over doing it may have a negative effect on teeth enamel causing yellowing of teeth instead of whitening.

Quick And Easy Hair Highlighter: For all you folks who like to style your hair. you’ll be most pleased with this use of HP. Use a spray bottle to spray Hydrogen Peroxide on to your damp hair. Let the HP sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. After repetition of this process a few times, you will be left with lighter tresses.

No More Toothache: In addition to fighting off tartar buildup and bad breath, HP can also get rid of toothaches. For this, you must combine half-ounce of HP and a half ounce of coconut oil. (A shot glass is ideal to do this in) Gargle the mixture. The antibacterial properties of HP will help get rid of any infections as well as help in soothe any pain you may be experiencing.

Instant Wound Cleaning: A capful of HP poured over any type of small cuts and abrasions will help disinfect, clean, and help the wound heal faster.

Silky, Smooth Skin: If you’re someone who suffers from outbreaks of acne, or maybe the pores on your skin appear larger than you would like them to be. Fret not, HP is here to save the day. You can get rid of all your annoying acne and discoloration of the skin by washing your face with HP. Not only does HP clean your pores, but it prevents future outbreaks of acne as well.

Bid Earwax Farewell: Hidden and accumulated inner earwax is perhaps the most irritating thing to endure. Earwax buildup causes uneasiness, dizziness, ringing, etc. To get rid of this annoyance, simply pour two drops of HP in each ear. Follow that by two drops of olive oil. This will cause the ear wax to drain right out! Ideally, the mixture must be let to set in the ear for about 3-4 minutes. This allows the wax to liquefy, thereby, draining out easily.

Foot Scrub: If your heels are cracked, you have rough feet and hard calluses then worry no more. HP shall take care of all your problems. Add half a cup HP to your bathwater and soak your feet for about 30 minutes. Doing so, will loosen up your dead skin layer making it slide off quite effortlessly.

Whiten Your Nails: Soaking your fingertips and toes in a solution of hydrogen peroxide naturally whitens your nails.

Heal Boils: In order to treat boils, pour half a bottle (equivalent to 8 ounces) of HP into lukewarm bath water and soak your wounds. The sanitizing and healing properties of HP should work its magic on you in no time.

Prevent “Swimmer’s Ear”: if you’re a regular swimmer then you have obviously faced the irritating “swimmer’s ear.” Swimmers ear is basically the pool water trapped in your ear. this can lead to further complications like infections, and dizziness if not taken care of promptly. In order to prevent this, mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in a small dropper bottle and put several drops in each ear after every swimming session. This will prevent infections and you wont have to live with the annoyance of feeling like something is stuck in your ear constantly.

Exterminate Sub-dermal Parasites: Apply a solution of HP to the skin affected with mites and other parasites. HP kills the parasites naturally while leaving no traces on your skin.

Treat Foot Fungus: Foot fungus is perhaps one of the most annoying as well as embarrassing conditions to have. However, HP can help you with that as well. Mix equal parts of HP and water in a dark spray bottled. The reason to use a dark colored bottle is to prevent HP reacting with light, which lessens the effect of HP) Apply the mixture to the part affected by the fungus on the foot each night before going to sleep to completely stop fungal growth.


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Moving ahead, The benefits of HP isn’t just limited to the wonders it works for the body. No, in fact the benefits of HP extend way beyond that. Now, we shall took a look at all the ways you can use HP in your house to make your life way easier.

Germ-Free Toothbrush: Studies have revealed that the most dirty thing in your bathroom is your toothbrush. This is because of residual waste water getting on your brush via the air in the bathroom. You probably didn’t want to hear this. Especially, because toothbrushes are something your put inside your mouth twice everyday. Don’t worry though, despite being a breeding ground for various germs, there is a way to disinfect your toothbrush. Soak your bristles in HP for an hour. This kills all the built up germs. So, the next time your brush your teeth you can breathe easy.

Multi-purpose Stain Remover: Pour HP directly on the pesky stain and allow it to sit for at least 60 seconds. Gently rinse the area with cold water. Repeat this process as many times as needed until the stain disappears. This is an absolute godsend for stubborn stains stuck on fabrics like blood, sweat, etc.

Dish-washing: Something that isn’t commonly known is that HP can replace your dishwasher soap. Yes, that’s right, HP can be used in your dishwasher. However, if you do decide on using HP instead of dishwasher soap then be sure to wash your dishes thoroughly before placing them in the machine. The reason is because HP doesn’t work as well as other detergents on hard food remnants.

Kill Odors: Its a known fact that HP kills odors. You can use it to remove odors from pets and foods but more importantly from fabrics. Combine white vinegar and HP in a bucket and soak your smelly fabrics in it. After that, place them in the washing machine and run a normal cycle. When the clothes come out the odors will be non existent.

Lunchbox Cleaner: Lunchboxes are perfect places for germs to breed. Since everyday there is food in and out of lunchboxes, residual germs may cling on to it. This can be easily prevented by spraying a water-HP mixture in the lunch box. Wipe it down and be left with a germ free lunchbox.

Toilet Cleaner: The sanitizing effect of HP doesn’t come to more use than when cleaning toilets. For a shiny and spotless porcelain all you need to do is pour a half cup of HP into the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. Doing so, will leave one of the most bacteria-prone places in your house completely sanitized and disinfected.

Banish Mold Forever: Spray a heave layer of water-HP solution onto your mold spots. Allow the mixture to stay on for about 10 minutes. After that, scrub the area with a hard sponge. However, be sure to wear gloves so as to avoid any direct skin contact.

Streak-Free Glass: Spray your water-HP solution on glasses that are covered with, soap, dirt, grime, etc. Just a light layer of liquid, when allowed to sit for a few minutes gets rid of all the hard to get stains off your glasses leaving you with a clear, spotless glass.

Cutting Boards Cleaner: All the raw meat, vegetables, and other food items are prepared on your chopping board. This leaves a possibility for germ build up on the cutting board. In order to avoid such circumstances, you ought to learn how to properly clean your cutting board (without ruining the board). Spray the water-HP solution on both sides of the cutting board and allow it to soak into the grains for several minutes. After that, rinse the board thoroughly with cold water.

A Spotless Refrigerator: Like the lunchbox, the fridge is also a potential place for germ infestation. The reason: due to the storage of food. With only a quick spray of the water-HP and a few minutes of allowing it to settle, you’ll be left with a completely disinfected and spotless refrigerator. However, please be sure to wipe all excess liquid off before placing the food back into the fridge.

Toy Cleaner: When there are kids in the house, and especially infants, it can be a hassle trying to keep them safe from germs. Infants have a phase where they explore the world through their mouth. And during this time it is important to keep all their stuff, specifically their toys, sanitized and germ-free. Be sure to wipe all their toys with a water-HP solution. Wipe the mixture off after leaving it to settle for a few minutes to achieve maximum cleanliness.

Purify Stagnant Humidifier Water: A humidifier can do wonders for your health while you sleep by purifying the air. However, after weeks of use the water can become a germ ridden cest pool. To combat this, all you need to do is add a pint of HP per every gallon of water you place in your humidifier. This keeps the water clean and prevents molds from spreading to your lungs.

No More Burnt Food Stains: You know those hard to get off stains that remain on the bottom of your cookware and bakeware? then you must also be aware of how hard they are to get off. But, thankfully HP is here to save the day once again. Just mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda until they form a thick paste. Scrub the paste, with the help of an old toothbrush, onto the stubborn stains. Allow the paste to settle for about 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Lo and behold! You now have a spotless piece of cook/bakeware.

In summary, now that you are aware of all the benefits of hydrogen peroxide isn’t it only fair that that you spread the knowledge to all your friends and family so they too can enjoy the benefits of this magical chemical? We think so.

Share away, folks.

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