8 Simple Ways For You To Stop Biting Your Nails

stop biting nails

Nail biting, also known as onychophagia is an oral compulsive habit. Nail biting is a habit that starts when you’re a child. About 60 percent of children and 45 percent teenagers are reported to bite their nails. If you have continuously bite your nails, you are in the risk of damaging your nails, teeth or even gums. So how do you stop biting your nails? Try these simple remedies to help with your nail biting habit.

How To Stop Biting Nails

Apply Bitter Tasting Nail Polish To Your Nails
This simple cure is guaranteed to prevent you from biting your nails. The unpleasant taste from the polish will help you keep your nails away from your mouth.

Get Regular Manicures
You wouldn’t want to bite your nails when you’ve got attractive looking nails with you at all time.

Keep Your Nails Relatively Short
If you keep your clippers with you at all times, then you won’t have to worry about biting your nails. Keeping your nails short will prevent you from nail biting.

Keep Your Mouth Busy
Chew gum to keep your mouth busy. You are less likely to start biting your nails when you have a delicious flavored gum in your mouth.

Find Other Methods To Manage Your Stress
Biting of nails may be directly related to the stress you go through every day. If you could try other ways to deal with your stress, you will eventually stop your nail biting. Yoga, meditation, and squashing a stress ball might help.

Put A Rubber Band Around Your Wrist
This method might be a little painful, but it will surely help you get control of your nail biting habit. Put a rubber band around your wrist. Snap the rubber band as hard as you can whenever you have the urge to bite your nail.

Cover Your Nails
If you can’t get your nail off your mouth, then you should start wearing gloves. Covering your nails with adhesive bandages will also help.

This may sound obvious. But if you commit to never biting your nails again, you will be conscious the next time you put your nails in your mouth. You may not be able to get rid of this habit at first, but after a few months, you will start to see some drastic changes.

We Do People Bite Their Nails?

People Have Their Own Theories As To Why We Bite Our Nails
Some people say that nail biting is because of boredom while others say that it’s because of stress. But there isn’t an exactly proven reason why we put our fingers in our mouth.

Mother’s Fault
Psychotherapists have their theories about nail biting. Founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, believed that it was because of the psycho-sexual development at the oral stage. Oral fixation is linked to under-feeding or over-feeding, breastfeeding for too long, or having a problematic relationship with your mother.

Since Nails Are Easily Accessible
Biting of nails is considered to be one of the basic functions for grooming and feeding. So it isn’t surprising that most of us develop this habit. Besides, putting fingers in our mouth is an easy thing to do. We are likely to have started doing this when we were kids.

New Studies Indicate That It’s A Sign Of Perfectionism
Nail biting is one of the other popular traits of perfectionists besides stress, boredom, and anxiety. People who want to achieve excellence, are susceptible to body-focused repetitive disorders because they are easily bored or frustrated than others.

It’s Common In Teens
Recent research conducted showed that almost 45 percent of the teenagers have a habit of biting their nails.
Kids, on the other hand, are said to develop this habit as a result of the thumb-sucking they did when they were babies.

Nail Biting Habit Dates Back To Ancient Greece
The Stoic philosopher Sidonius mentioned a man by the name of Cleanthes when writing in ancient Greece. Cleanthes was said to gather his wisdom through the biting of his nails. This makes Cleanthes the earliest recorded nail-biter in history.

Problems Caused From Nail Biting.


Biting your nails too often causes your cuticles to bleed. It also makes your fingertips sore and also causes infections in your mouth and your nail beds.
Nail biting is said to damage not only your nails but also your teeth. Dentists estimate that nail biters require almost $4,000 for additional dental care in their lifetime!

Take a look at this video below which shows five ways for you to stop biting your nails.

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