Top 7 Beginners Crochet Stitches Are All You Need To Get Started

Giving gifts to loved ones on special occasions has become a deep-rooted custom in our society. Many of us spend thousands of dollars on gifts alone. But gifting them something that you made yourself is one of the best feelings ever. Handmade presents take time and they might cost comparatively less, but it’s the thought that counts.

Crocheting is one of the most inventive and creative ways of making DIY gifts. You can make everything from baby blankets to booties, scarves, slippers, hats, and many more. This post features seven basic stitches that will help you if you want to take up crocheting.

1. The slip knot

The anchor for all the pieces you make is the slip knot. This is the first stitch you will create before the chain. It is also one of the easiest stitches ever.

2. The chain stitch

Once make the slip knot, you need to create a chain. Every single pattern for crochets has these two stitches. You always need to start with a slip knot and then follow it by a chain stitch.

3. The slip stitch

“Crochet Guru” says slip stitch is “more of a technique than a stitch.” It is like making a chain onto an already existing work. You usually use a slip stitch to make “rounds” or circles for crochet patterns or to move from one end to the other without adding any more height.

4. The single crochet stitch

Many consider single crochet to be a beginner stitch. This stitch is mainly used in simple patterns and in those patterns where you don’t want much height in each row. You can also use this stitch if you are making something that is small in size or something which requires tight stitches.

5. The half double crochet stitch

The half double crochet is not very difficult, but it isn’t as frequently used as the single, double, or treble crochets. According to “Craftsy”, one of the beauties of the half double is that it creates an extra loop. When this loop is put to use in varying up the stitch patterns, you can get a many kinds of textures for your piece. This kind of stitch can be used in afghans, hats, baby booties, and scarves too.

6. The double crochet stitch

After chain stitches and slip knots, the double crochet is one of the most common stitches. It is extremely simple to do and is versatile as well. You can use it for making blankets, hats, scarves and even sweaters. It is especially beneficial if you want to add height to your product.

7. The triple/treble crochets stitch

This is longer than the double crotchet, but is not used as frequently. Since it is longer, the stitches are looser and more air get through the spaces. Treble crochets are great if you want to make “airy pieces.” This kind of stitch allows you to complete more of your piece in a short time.

Bonus stitches below!

8. The Tunisian stitch

The Tunisian stitch is a more advanced and needs a special hook called the afghan hook. You can use this stitch for clutches, ties, and cowls.

9. The Popcorn stitch

This stitch creates bubbles of yarn on your product. It requires more yarn to create than single, double, or treble crochets, but it also gives more texture. You can use this popcorn stitch to make flowers and other similar designs in your crochet work.

This is all the knowledge you need to start! Different patterns can be found online or in any crafting store. So what are you waiting for!

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