Every Time You Smoke A Cigarette, This Is What You’re Actually Inhaling

It is common knowledge that cigarettes are bad for health. We’ve heard it from out parents while growing up, and even seen pictures of grotesque, cancerous lungs on cigarette packets. Despite knowing the dangers of it, tobacco is still the cause of the largest preventable death in the US. According to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, cigarettes claim the lives of 484,000 Americans every year. What is even more shocking is that 3,200 Americans under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette each day. If you’re a smoker, you might change your perspective on cigarettes when you learn what’s in it.

The graph shown below is from SmokeFreeForsythe.org and it shows the toxic substances that are used while making cigarettes. Hexamine, cadmium and stearic acid might just sound like fancy chemical names until you learn what they really area.


If the above picture alarmed you, you’re having the right reaction. The truth is even scarier than you can imagine.

Cigarettes contain butane from lighter fluid, arsenic from poison, cadmium from batteries and methane from sewer gas. It also contains a strong chemical called ammonia, which is often used in toilet cleaners. Apart from these, they also contain methanol from rocket fuel, stearic acid from candle wax and hexamine from lighters. It does not take a genius to realize that all these substances are incredibly harmful for the body.

No matter how much you explain this to chronic smokers, it just doesn’t get to them. If you’re one of them, do continue reading.

If you need more motivation to quit, think about how fast the body recovers after you kick the habit. The American Cancer Society states that heart rate and blood pressure both drop after smoking for 20 minutes.

In only two weeks, the circulation improves and lung function also increases. It takes a year for your risk of heart disease to drop in half after you quit smoking.

If you’re looking for fast results, there are some changes you’ll notice right away. You’ll be able to taste better, your breath will smell fresher and your teeth will turn white again. While quitting isn’t easy, the benefits outweigh the difficulty and you’ll feel much better in the long haul.

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